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    Global Features: System Settings

    Through the system settings, you can set the web version, mobile version, micro letter version, APP basic information, such as name, Logo, articles, mailboxes, SMS, payment interface.


    Global Features: Custom interface

    The system is now open source, support for custom templates and label copy changes, a part-time programmers can modify the template and any copy, can be highly modified for the owners want to look.


    Global Features: SEO optimization

    For each single page in the template, a comprehensive optimization, from the Sitemap, keywords, description, picture ALT to pseudo-static, plug in wings for the search engine SEO.


    Global Features: Payment interface

    Payment interface depth test, for the Web version, mobile version, WeChat version and APP payment interface debugging, and depth of seamless docking with the system to support nearly 30 kinds of payment interface.


    Global Features: Three-level distribution

    The whole station supports three-level distribution, and for the development of statistical data distribution function.The recent WeChat for the three-level distribution ban events, the official further to restore the function of inviting friends.


    Global features: data statistics

    View data statistics, statistics, product data, product data, portraits, financial revenue and expenditure, the other also supports the administrator weekly data reminder to facilitate the company regular analysis of project data.


    Global Features: Administrator privileges

    All system segments have been combing the permissions, the system administrator can set the permissions group, and give technical, operational and financial different permissions, and can view the administrator log.


    Global features: security protection

    The system has been fully seamless support for Https secure encrypted transmission, the amount of concurrency to reach a million, set Dnspod, security knight and server snapshots after a higher security.


    Global features: lottery

    System into 2011 development so far, from the balance lottery to Chongqing always color, and then to the old color lottery, we have been in progress, never stopped.


    Global Features: Active single page

    Can be in the page management center, for web pages, mobile end, respectively, to add active single page, is conducive to webmaster in the promotion process to modify the active page copy, data collection level new user guide.

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    Data statistics

    And gradually provide more statistical range of data to improve the value of the data, to give you the operation to provide more reliable support.


    Access Control

    Background administrators can add more, and can freely control the permissions of each account to adapt to the growing team, the increasing role of change.


    Seo settings

    For the page jump will brush off the original page of the problem, against the bar to optimize the interaction, simulation of the native application of the jump interaction, to strengthen the user's path implied.


    Interactive animation

    For the page jump will brush off the original page of the problem, against the bar to optimize the interaction, simulation of the native application of the jump interaction, to strengthen the user's path implied.

Micro-scan sweep

WeChat scan micro-code and pay attention to the top, or WeChat public number search "YunGouCMS cloud acquisition of Indiana system" (micro signal: YunGouCMS), WeChat public number to enter the WeChat version.

Mobile Demo Station

Use the mobile browser to scan the top two-dimensional code, or in the phone browser, enter the URL: http://m.yungoucms.cn, you can enter the Wap site experience mobile version of the demo station.

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    Web version features: product management

    You can purchase goods and points of cloud goods to increase, delete, change operation, for cloud purchase of goods can also reset the price, cloud purchase price and cloud purchase period.


    Web version features: bulk registration and purchase

    Web site on-line initial station test system, through the bulk registration of false users, bulk purchase function can greatly improve efficiency, because of cheating, it is recommended that the official operation after the disabled this feature.


    Mobile features: SEO mobile side optimization

    Has been optimized for mobile search engine Wap side, from the keywords, description, picture ALT, keyword density to pseudo-static, help mobile search engine rankings.


    WeChat version features: user docking

    Micro-users concerned about the public after the number and landing, the user is regarded as the default binding WeChat, the user can synchronize all the data to the whole station, the user does not need to re-enter the public after landing.


    APP version features: certificate and shelves

    Will be configured to enjoy the equivalent of the native version of APP mixed development APP, support the signing of the certificate and the major application store shelves, delivery Andrews APP, IOS APP, Jailbreak APP.


    Web version features: Integral Mall

    The user through the task, consumption and other forms of access to points, not only can be used to offset the credit, you can also spend the full amount of points in the mall.


    Web Features: User Hosting

    In order to improve the stationmaster's convenient management, the stationmaster may in the background for any user direct escrow, enters his account to simulate the user to revise the receipt address, shares the sun single and so on behavior.


    Mobile Edition Features: User experience

    Wap version of the experience to strive for simplicity and conversion rate, from the user registration landing, the next single payment, winning delivery to the single sharing of the user experience is essential.


    WeChat version features: data push

    Once the WeChat users concerned about the public number, the user of any security operations and system notification can automatically push, such as: cloud purchase code, payment notice.


    APP version of the function: independent background

    The following functions can be managed through a separate background: data push, activation statistics, channel statistics, version upgrade, start page management, payment interface, quick login and so on.

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