• 1.302017

    YunGouCMS V5.2 version, is in full swing in the development


  • 12.262016

    Release YunGouCMS V5.2 version, add a dollar cloud PC model, cloud to pay mobile, Jingdong wallet PC and mobile,

    Repair distribution, Alipay recharge not credited BUG
  • 11.112016

    Release YunGouCMS V5.1.1 version, add 2 payment interface, repair invites friends, cloud funds, WeChat,

    Treasure Cloud Payment, Points Mall, Financial Detail, Paging Bug
  • 10.132016

    Released YunGouCMS V5.1 version, the new card function, improve the quick log, three distribution functions, mobile cloud purchase
  • 09.072016

    Released YunGouCMS V5.0 version, the new version of the web version and mobile version of the three distribution functions (WeChat version of a separate invitation to friends page optimization)
  • 08.162016

    Release YunGouCMS V4.4.0 version, the system open source, optimize the database, optimize the redundant code and gradually improve the API interface
  • 07.232016

    Release YunGouCMS V4.3.9 version, and further optimize the landing of all templates, registration, password recovery, third-party landing process
  • 07.012016

    Release YunGouCMS V4.3.8 version, optimize the system API interface for a variety of APP development and retrieval of synchronous data
  • 06.192016

    Released YunGouCMS V4.3.7 version, and optimize the WeChat version of the new WeChat version of the user quick login
  • 06.062016

    Released YunGouCMS V4.3.6 version, optimize the template to share the front-end single-JS and background management functions
  • 05.102016

    Released YunGouCMS V4.3.5 version, page optimization for faster home page content
  • 02.252016

    Released YunGouCMS V4.3.4 version, optimizing the overall situation in order to better pay for HTTPS environment
  • 01.162016

    Release YunGouCMS V4.3.3 version, add Jingdong purse, Baidu wallet and other payment methods


  • 12.292015

    And the law made a significant impact, a total of more than 30 crack crack webmaster
  • 12.282015

    And Taobao made a significant combat effect, a total of more than 45 cracked cracker sellers
  • 12.072015

    Release YunGouCMS V4.3.2 version, fixes past bugs and releases patches
  • 07.102015

    Release YunGouCMS V4.3.1 version, adding imitation Netease 1 yuan Indiana, imitation cloud global PC template
  • 03.262015

    Released YunGouCMS V4.3 version, optimization of global support pseudo-static in order to improve SEO, add administrator privileges and log management functions


  • 12.292014

    And the law made a significant impact, a total of more than 20 crack crack webmaster
  • 12.282014

    And Taobao made a significant combat effect, a total crack against more than 110 sellers
  • 11.212014

    Released YunGouCMS V4.2 version, for cloud applications developed more sign-in, QQ landing, integration tasks and other functions
  • 07.052014

    Release YunGouCMS V4.1 version, add cloud applications and gradually improve the plug-in function
  • 05.302014

    The first cloud to buy the General Assembly in Chongqing Nanshan resort hotel successfully held a meeting to discuss the healthy development of cloud purchase industry
  • 05.062014

    Release YunGouCMS V4.0 version, add the old way
  • 04.262014

    Hand in hand law firms, marketing experts, Chongqing Hot News and Chongqing Internet Center, began preparations for the first cloud purchase Conference
  • 02.102014

    Released YunGouCMS V3.5 version, mobile phone version supports APP packaging and publishing package tutorial


  • 12.292013

    And the law made a significant impact, a total of more than 90 crack crack webmaster
  • 12.282013

    And Taobao made a significant impact, a total crack against cracked version of the seller more than 170
  • 12.182013

    Release YunGouCMS V3.4 version, repair phone template details bug
  • 10.302013

    Release YunGouCMS V3.3 version, fix mobile payment, recharge, purchase process issues
  • 09.102013

    Release YunGouCMS V3.2 version, based on the new wap perfect function
  • 08.252013

    YunGouCMS program adds 3 new web templates
  • 06.102013

    Wap version of the development, full support for mobile version, WeChat version and APP
  • 05.082013

    And the establishment of security cooperation between the clouds, the procedures loopholes to repair
  • 03.152013

    Hand Taobao fake center, for the depth of piracy crackdown
  • 03.122013

    Obtain software copyright to further protect program commercial authorization
  • 03.102013

    Released YunGouCMS V3.1 version, the new volume registration, bulk purchase and other functions to webmaster test server performance
  • 02.302013

    Release YunGouCMS V3.0 version, program optimization and full-featured background function


  • 10.152012

    YunGouCMS V2.4 release version, optimize the relational database to enhance the carrying capacity of members
  • 07.302012

    Released YunGouCMS V2.3 version, add recharge sweepstakes and points mall functions
  • 05.252012

    Release YunGouCMS V2.2 version, repair templates and other details of the bug
  • 05.202012

    Released YunGouCMS V2.1 version, the new way of Chongqing lottery
  • 05.102012

    Release YunGouCMS V2.0 version, the new card payment, easy to pay payment and other payment interface
  • 01.302012

    Release YunGouCMS V1.1 version, and provide patch upgrade services


  • 12.012011

    Release YunGouCMS V1.0 version, fine imitation 1 yuan cloud template purchase
  • 10.202011

    Release YunGouCMS closed beta, released YunGouCMS closed beta
  • 09.152011

    Chongqing Tao Long Network Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established, the formation of technical team

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